Muungano National Choir, Nairobi, KENYA

The MUUNGANO NATIONAL CHOIR is Kenya's premier national choir. Formed 1979, it is very well known around the world, and was recently featured at the World Choral Symposium at Rotterdam. Their 1998 European tour, was a resounding success, with sold out concerts in Austria, Germany and France.

Director, Boniface Mganga, has earned due fame at home and abroad. In Kenya, he is the Chairman of the Kenya Music & Cultural Festival, and heads a national committee responsible for organizing the 70-year old festival. A favorite clinician with choral groups around the world, Mr. Mganga has been a regular guest of famed American director, Moses Hogan. Mr. Mganga is a member of the International Consortium for Music of Africa & its Diaspora, and his choir, Muungano National Choir, recently formed a sister partnership with the internationally acclaimed St. Louis African Chorus.  Muungano currently has two CDs in the market, one of which is reviewed next page... Their third CD (MATESO!) produced by the St. Louis African Chorus is now available in stores, or directly purchased online at

For more information about the group contact the St. Louis African Chorus at 314-652-6800 or by email at slac @ africanchorus dot org



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