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Boys Choir of Kenya


UVUMBUZI: Boys Choir of Kenya
"Over 60 minutes long of entrancing music and hypnotic rhythms."
Contains selections from around Kenya. Available in stores, or call (314)652-6800 to order direct from the African Chorus: $15.95 (USD) plus S/H. Secure transaction provided by PayPal.

1. Utianga 2. Mpapa Leshumata 3. Kiti-Kiti 4. Auma
5. Tonje 6. Yesu Anipenda 7. Sindigisa 8. Wabuya
9. Musenangu 10. Gur Yesu 11. Tuli-Tuli 12. Vulele
13. Om'Oba Ni 14. Pitie 15. Roho Biro

1. UTIANGA (Idakho Satire, Arr. J. Muyale): The latest gossip is that Utianga, the crowned prince, has committed suicide. Hmm, makes me wonder. The Royal Family can know no adversity; witchcraft must be involved: let’s seek out the witches! 2. MPAPA LESHUMATA (Maasai Spiritual, Boys Choir of Kenya field transcription): Maasai warriors acknowledge divine guidance in their latest conquest, the vicious lion that’s persistently terrorized the herds. 3. KITIKITI (Maassai Chant, BCK field trans.): Moran (a prosperous Maasai warrior) is revels in his wealth of cattle and livestocks. He has the largest herd in the land, and can afford to show off! “Lelelelele yio, ho, I’m the greatest!” 4. AUMA (Luo Love Song, Arr. Noah Mogalo): Featuring pro-minstrel & orutu (1-string fiddle) player Angudha Osogo, Auma is the village’s beauty, deserving of all the boys’ attention and the girls’ envy! Auma, my brown sugar, your voice makes me quiver; your teeth as white as cotton; your eyes juicy like a fruit; you’re the object of my love. 5. TONJE (Tiriki Male Circumcision Chant, BCK trans.): Tonje, be ready for manhood. Circumcision is a necessary rite of passage; it prepares you for the life-challenges ahead. Be strong, be courageous. 6. YESU ANIPENDA (Swahili Sacred – Christian, Arr. David Zalo): Do you know that Jesus loves me? Hallelujah! He loves me so; he gave his life on the cross for me. 7. SINDIGISA (Kisii Satire and Folklore, Edwin Keango field trans.): Featuring bard Ed Keango,Sindigisa abandoned husband and children and took to life on the streets. Like the “egentinginye,” the tricky bird, she duped her family. “N’gao, n’gao,” that’s how she cried for her misdeeds. 8. WABUYA (A Bukusu chant, BCK trans.): Don’t give up, Wabuya, keep going. A chant to cheer the athletes. 9. MUSENANGU (Giriama Satire, Arr. J. Muyale): A wife complains about marital abuse, and sounds a last warning to her recalcitrant husband: “My friend, you must stop mistreating me, or I’ll be out of here in a blink… God knows, I have a home to go back to!”10. GUR YESU (Luo Christian Spiritual by Paul Sogo):Featuring Angudha Osogo, The Passion of Jesus Christ - His life, his suffering, and victory over adversity and death. 11. TULI TULI (Nama Play Song): Rheta Hofmeyr’s arrangement of the popular Nama tune. Reinterpreted by BCK. 12. VULELE (Kisoga Folksong from Uganda, BCK trans): We’ve had a bumper harvest in Soga land, the days of hunger are now over. Let’s dance to merry tunes and the drunken rhythms of the drums! 13. OM’OBA NI (Yoruba Royal Procession from Nigeria, from original by C. Ayodele): Make way for the Prince/Princess. FredO’s free arrangement of C. Ayodele’s Yoruba round, reinterpreted by BCK. 14. PITIE (A French/Ligala Lovesong from Congo, Arr. J. Muyale): Jealousy only exposes a woman’s low self esteem and insecurity. I’ve had enough of your nags; stop it now or we may as well part ways. A choral rendition of Bopol Mansiamina 60’s folkpop. 15. ROHO BIRO (Luo/Luoya Christian Spiritual, Arr. D. Zalo): The Holy Spirit is coming down. Christians, like the Israelites of old, are exhorted to dress up for the Promise Land.


This first CD of the St. Louis African Chorus has become an educational companion for traditional African music. 
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