Composition in Africa and the Diaspora
A Symposium and Festival
Churchill College, Cambridge, UK.
August 2-4, 2001



 8-9 am                          Registration

 Scholarly Session

 9-9.30 am                     "This Building is Going to Fly: Halim El-Dabh and the Electronic Music Center" by Denise Seachrist (USA)

9.30-10 am                    "J.H. Kwabena Nketia and the African Avant-Garde" by Akin Euba (Nigeria)

10-10.30 am                  "The Relationship Between Jazz Improvisation and Composition: 'Round Midnight' by Thelonious Monk" by Nathan Davis (USA)

 10.30-11 am                  Coffee Break

 Composers' Session

 11-11.30                       Vindu Bamgambula (Congo Republic)

11.30-12 noon               Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson (USA)

12-12.30 pm                  "The Compositional Style of Robert Mawuena Kwami:        1973-1983" by Robert Kwami (Ghana)

 12.30-2 pm                    Lunch Break



 2-3 pm                          Eric Moe (USA) piano

3.15-4.15 pm                 Roger Zahab (USA) violin, Robert Frankenberry            (USA) piano

 4.15-4.45 pm                 Tea Break

 4.45-5.45 pm                 Darryl Hollister (USA) piano

6-7 pm                          Dawn Padmore (Liberia) voice, Wallace Cheatham (USA) piano, Damien Harron (UK) drum

 7-8.30 pm                     Dinner Break

 8.30-9.30                      Lucius Weathersby (USA) organ



 8-9 am              Registration

 Scholarly Session

 9-9.30 am                     "The Mega Mergers in the Media and the Creation of a PR Image (Case Study of the PR Campaign of a Musical Giant in Jazz: James Moody)" by Ursula Broschke Davis (USA)

9.30-10 am                    "Is Contemporary African Art Music a Re-packaged Re-manifestation of Colonial Soirees: Musical      Society of Nigeria as a Case Study" by Paul Konye (Nigeria)

10-10.30 am                  Roundtable Discussion

10.30-11 am                  Coffee Break

Composers' Session

11-11.30                       Lettie Alston (USA)

11.30-12 noon               Wallace Cheatham (USA)

12-12.30 pm                 "THREE MUSINGS OF KYEKYE: Ghanaian Gyil Music as a Basis for African Pianism" by Paul Humphreys (USA)

  12.30-2 pm                   Lunch Break


 2-3 pm                         Multi-media exhibition of Afrocentric Art (with music, dance and poetry) by Willie Hooker (USA)



  3.15-4.15pm                 Yasser Mokhtar (Egypt) piano

  4.15-4.45 pm            Tea Break

  4.45-5.45 pm                Joyce Adewumi (Nigeria) voice, Darryl Hollister (USA) piano, Damien Harron (UK) drum.

 6-7 pm                         William Chapman-Nyaho (Ghana) piano.

  7-8.30 pm                    Dinner Break

  8.30-9.30 pm                Gerrit Jordaan (South Africa) organ



  8-9am              Registration


 Scholarly Sessions

  8-8.30 am                    "Contemporary African Art Compositions in Nigeria" by Mosun Omibiyi-Obidike (Nigeria)

 8.30-9 am                    "African Pianism and a Method in Musical Craftsmanship" by Joshua Uzoigwe (Nigeria)

 9-9.30 am                    (Topic to be Announced) by Samha El-Kholy (Egypt)

 9.30 - 10 am                 "Organ Literature from South Africa Inspired by Its Landscape and People" by Gerrit Jordaan (South Africa)

 10-10.30 am                  Coffee Break

 10.30-11 am                  "Form in African Music" by Zabana Kongo (Ivory Coast?)

11-11.30 am                  "The Choral Arrangement and Performance Practice of Dr Arthur Kemoli" by Jean Kidula (Kenya)

11.30-12 noon               "Challenges Facing an African Composer in the Use of Traditional Instruments" by Solomon Mbabi-Katana (Uganda)

 12-2 pm                        Lunch Break

 2-3 pm                          Maxine Franklin (UK/Jamaica) piano

3.15-4.15 pm                 JoAnne Stephenson (USA) voice, Karen Laubengayer (USA) piano

 4.15-4.45 pm                 Tea Break

 4.45-5-45 pm                 David Keberle (USA) clarinet, Eric Moe (USA) piano

 6-7 pm                          Lettie Alston (USA) piano

 7.30-8.30                      Choral Concert directed by Jonathan Paxman (Australia)

 9-10-30 pm                   Closing Dinner/Presentations/Eulogies







6-7-30pm                      Exhibition of Afrocentric Art) by Willie Hooker (USA)




7.30 8.30pm               Gerrit Jordaan (South Africa) plays music by South African Composers


8.45 9.45pm               Lucius Weathersby (USA) plays music by African Composers

General Information

Accommodation | Currency Exchange | Payments | Meals |

In those cases where you have informed me or I am otherwise aware of your accommodation requirements please rest assured that I have made or will soon make the requisite bookings. If there are any errors or omissions these can be rectified well in advance when I send you the list of who stays where. The sooner you let me have your accommodation requirements, the sooner I can compile the list.

The accommodation prices quoted in the announcement leaflet are for rooms in Churchill only. I have since been able to secure rooms in New Hall (about 5 minutes walk from Churchill College) and I list below both the Churchill rates and the New Hall rates.


Accommodation with breakfast: 40.85 British pounds per person per night (bathroom and toilet facilities are located in the corridors).

En-suite accommodation with breakfast: 55.85 British pounds per person per night.

Only single rooms are currently available at Churchill; the limited number of twin-bedded rooms have all been assigned.


The prices are for en-suite rooms and include boxed airline type breakfasts (because the kitchens are closed during August and they cannot supply cooked breakfasts; prices have been adjusted accordingly).

Single rooms 53.58 British pounds

Twin-bedded rooms 78.36 British pounds

PLEASE NOTE: (a) Payment for accommodation at Churchill College must be made IN BRITISH POUNDS (either by cash or by a cheque drawn on a British bank) immediately after arrival, and directly to me or someone designated by me. (The Porters at Churchill College are not authorized to receive your payment.) We are unable to accept credit cards or travellers' cheques and you will first need to change your travellers' cheques into cash before we can accept your payment.

(b) Payment for accommodation at the New Hall must be made by cash (in British pounds) or mastercard or visa card. In this case, you must pay directly to the Porters before collecting your key at the Porters Lodge.

Currency Exchange (A rough guide that will help your financial planning)
Registration fee 40 British pounds = $60.00
En-suite accommodation for 4 nights at Churchill College 223.40 British pounds = $335.10
Meals (5 pounds x 3 meals x 4 days) 60.00 British pounds = $90.00
Local transportation (train from London and taxis) 100.00 British pounds = $150.00

(I have used the rate 1 pound = $1.5 in calculating the dollar equivalents. Currently, the dollar is strong against the British pound and is in fact under $1.5. It is unlikely to rise above $1.5 in the next few months and, therefore, it is safe to use $1.5).

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be available from the self-service restaurant at Churchill College. The cost is very reasonable. Also, there is a bar and both the bar and the restaurant are located in the same block as the room where we will hold the paper sessions. You can in fact simply walk out of the papers sessions and into the restaurant next door, or downstairs to the bar. Cambridge colleges are well known for their wines and the Churchill bar stocks some quality wines that you can buy by the bottle or by the glass. Everybody is welcome to have their meals in the Churchill restaurant and to use the bar (including those staying in the New Hall).

The final concert of each day will be in St John's Chapel, which is right in the middle of town, and will end by 9.30 pm and thus allow you time after the concert to sample some of the eating and drinking places in town before returning to your lodgings at Churchill or New Hall. The distance from Churchill to the middle of town is about 15 minutes' walk, which is not a big deal since I have done it practically everyday since I arrived here in September. New Hall is a bit closer to the town (about 10 minutes walk).

If you have not yet sent any payments, I would like to inform you that we
are no longer able to accept payment in US dollars. The reason is that for
EACH check sent in US dollars, however small, the bank that we are
dealing with deducts $13.50 in charges. Unless you are able to pre-pay in British currency, please wait until you arrive and make your payments in British currency. This way, we will not
lose so much money in bank charges.

Best wishes,

Akin Euba

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