Much of African Chorus archival and transcription work was conducted from our New Orleans home office in Metairie. Following are the various states of items destroyed or affected by the hurricane's aftermath:

i.    Untranscribed field recordings - reel tapes, cassette tapes, DATs.  The tapes are in various states of damage, but can be salvaged using advanced recording technology.

ii.   Thousands pages of handwritten sheet music, including music book manuscripts. Luckily, some of these had been scanned and converted to PDF documents before the hurricane, and thus will be replaced with backups. The bulk however has now been stored in special desiccators, pending funds to hire music copyists.

iii.   The Hazel Mae Rotimi Collection. This comprised of 26 years of research work donated to the African Chorus in 1999 - handwritten notes, papers, journals and memoirs from working with riverine communities in Southeastern Nigeria. Unfortunately, this collection was among the hardest hit property in FredO's home and thus is not salvageable.



i.    Use any major credit card to contribute tax-deductible cash by phone to 314-652-6800 or 314-431-5225

ii.    Mail a check of your tax-deductible donation to:
African Chorus, Inc.
Re: Hurricane Katrina/Rita Relief

2405 Belmont Place
Metairie, LA USA

iii.    Follow the link below for secure online donation through PAYPAL.

iv.    In lieu of cash donations you may also pledge your time to volunteer as music copyists. For details please

Thank you for your continued support.




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