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Vol. 5 No. 3
Special Edition August, 1998



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African Music: Faqs and Myths
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African Music:

Faqs and Myths

Lessons learned from the African Tour

(Feature Article)


Songs of the Sage


Odo ye wu! Thank you Legon, Nketia, Adom, Labi, ICAMD,
Katz et al
Ghana Dance Ensemble,
Hewale Sounds -
strength and power
African dance is a way of life.

Celebration, humanity, community, family. Movement of life.
Circle anticlockwise--
the path of life
Greet from left to right--
the path of life
Physical and spiritual,
Children's games, Praise to God.
African dance is a way of life.

School choirs, work choirs, church choirs, Peace Train. Kab Sin
Drummers, drummers,
Otu B’ Oma!
Drums, hundreds of them--
we found the source!

market stands on roadsides
Bamboo, thatch roofs,
mud walls, stucco walls, tin roofs
Women, children carrying wares on their heads; Women, working with babies wrapped on their backs. Movements, fluid and easy. Straight beautiful posture, hands free...
African dance is a way of life.

The smell of Africa--
wood burning,
Fires, coal pots, oil lamps, candles, Flashes of lightning, thunder, rain. Night.
Twinkling stars in the darkness,
lighting the way
through the rain forest

Kwame Nkrumah, independence
W.E.B. DuBois, freed spirit
National Theatre, Anigye Bao!
Aburi Gardens, Nana Asabia II -
Queen Mother, peace
Kumasi, Ashanti Kingdom, Bonwire, Kente cloth. Cape Coast, Elmina Castle,
Enslaved bodies, Freed spirits -
Yo yo ma o! Ne gbara nine enee!

(Agoo was adapted from Susan Kissinger’s - African Tour Journal)