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Vol. 6 No. 2
Summer 1999



of the Sage

Eni and The Magic Sea Creature
(continued from last issue)

The man married Eni and took her to his house under the sea. No sooner had they reached his home than the man changed back into a magic creature.

Eni was horrified at the prospects of living under the sea with the magic creature. But it was too late for her to go back to her parents, becaused her beautiful body had now become that of a sea creature. She lived in fear everyday, and spent most of her time crying. But the magic creature had no pity on his sorrowful bride.

One day, Eni’s father went to look for firewood by the sea shore and heard a voice crying. "That’s my daughter, crying; That’s my daughter, crying!" he lamented. He looked around but could not find where she was. "Where are you, daughter, where are you?" he cried. No answer. He searched harder; he could hear the faint cry, but couldn’t tell exactly where it came from.

He went back to his home and consulted the village’s medicine man. "Look for me three persons: a thief, a good hunter and a good sailor," the medicine commanded. "Then I will lead you to rescue your daughter," he concluded.

[continued next issue...]

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Redefining Traditional African Orchestra

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