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Vol. 7 No. 1
Winter/Spring 2000



of the Sage

O, Nne
O, mother, O, mother,
Where are you going,
Why are you leaving?
O, mother, O, mother,
Take me with you,
Please, take me with you.

My child, see your mother; My dear child, see your mother.
I am the one who nursed you
From childhood:
See, I am your mother.

Chebe Mo, Nna

Guide me, Father. Guide your child. In good times and bad times, protect your child.

The devil is like a roaring lion, in anger; roaming around, looking for whom to devour.

Guide me, O Lord.

Rulers of this world - the powerful, the rich and those who profess knowledge - flaunt themselves before the poor and lowly.

Guide me, O Lord.

Please accept my spirit; let me follow your path Let me hide under your wings, where peace and joy reign.

Guide me, O Lord.

O, Nne and Chebe Mo Nna were adapted from lyrics by Harcourt Whyte (1905-1977), Nigerian religious philosopher and composer. To reproduce or use contributions to this column, simply send a postcard to the Voice of African Music, 634 N. Grand Blvd., Suite 1143, St. Louis, Missouri 63103 USA.



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