Oi Brasil

September 18-24, 2000 The St. Louis African Chorus’ visit to Brazil turned out to be a landmark event. We were like rock-stars, besieged everywhere for autographs. All 15 concerts were standing room only, with numerous standing ovations and curtain calls! Twenty-five (25) choral groups mostly from Brazil and Europe participated, but within days, most people were singing our songs!... Among many accolades, we were honored by the Governor, Mayor and the the Juiz de Fora Postmaster General, followed by all local media, and featured live, at primetime!, on GLOBO TV, Brazil's national television. The St. Louis African Chorus stood out for many reasons. We sang in African languages, our audiences were intoxicated by the rhythms, and our modest choreography and brilliant costumes were very dazzling to them. To crown it all, it was the first time the people of Juiz de Fora actually experienced choral concerts, the African way. The Juiz de Fora International Choral Festival commemorated the 500 years of the discovery of Brazil, and celebrated the tripartite (African,Native Indian, Portuguese) cultural heritage of the people.

Future tours are being planned to Portugal, Namibia, & elsewhere. Participation in the Chorus is by auditions only. If you live in the metro St. Louis area, call a 314-652-6800 to schedule.

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